Lovely little circular meadow panel for hanging wherever takes your fancy!

The main background for the panel is a 'full' fuse which means it is lovely and smooth and rounded at the edges. The poppies, wild flowers, and grass stems are 'tack' fused into position which makes them stand out beautifully in relief.

It was inspired by the beautiful wild flowers that often appear in the field behind my house in summertime... a fabulous sight indeed!


Choose from 'Poppies in the Corn' or 'Daisy Field'

It measures approximately 14cm diameter

I often have more than one of these in stock but if not, I will happily cook up another little fellow for you. The one you receive may therefore vary very very slightly from the one in the picture, but that's because it is lovingly handmade and not mass produced in a factory somewhere!

P.S. Hope you like it....!

Circular Flower Meadow Panels