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Well hello 2020!! Back in the studio and
About me...

I've always been creative/artistic but with one thing and another, followed a different professional path when I left school. I continued to paint, draw, and generally 'be' creative until I finally discovered glass as a medium.

I originally learned 'leaded' panel work (or stained glass as it is often incorrectly called as I realise now!) and copper foil techniques (or 'Tiffany' style work) and had great fun experimenting and creating using these methods. Then I became aware of kiln worked glass and I started from scratch with the experimenting all over again! I taught myself all of the basics and only many years later actually attended any classes (mostly Masterclasses with visiting International Tutors). There's a lot to be said for learning from your mistakes - and I can certainly attest to that!


I have to say that I was completely and utterly bitten by the glass bug way back from the very beginning, it just seemed to 'click' for me and I'm very proud of the little cottage industry that I've nurtured and grown over the years! My biggest problem now is finding enough time to turn all of my ideas into glass - I have scraps of paper and jotters with scribbles on absolutely everywhere!

I'm lucky enough to have grown up in the beautiful county of Dorset and after a short stint away (to attend university, fly the family nest etc), I moved back to the darkest depths to raise my own family in this fabulous place. I love being able to use my surroundings as inspiration in my work - the rolling hills, ancient hillforts, crashing waves and seashore. Inspiration doesn't stop there of course, I also get lots of ideas from my  (over) active imagination too!

All of the work is handmade by me in my studio, and tends to focus on kiln formed glass work. I buy large sheets of glass from well-known UK glass suppliers from which to cut out my designs. These rough little glassy fellows are then heated and manipulated in the kiln until the layers of glass melt together to form my creation!

Have a look round the website and see what you think; I’m more than happy to discuss specific requirements and an enquiry doesn’t cost anything!!

I hope you like my work...
                                 Maree x

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