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Bullseye Murrini & Vitrigraph

Beautiful glass murrini that is handmade by me in my small studio, located in the depths of darkest Dorset on the south coast of England.

I first started making murrini and vitrigraph for use in my own work, trying to get something a little different to what everyone else was using!
A single 'pull' however, produces a generous amount of murrini, and I decided it would be nice to share my murrini with other glass artists. It's fair to say, therefore, that I'm not a big commercial producer of the glass you see in my shop: it's just me, making murrini I like to use myself, cutting it by hand and taking enjoyment from seeing how the glass flows!


The size of my Murrini generally varies from approx 4mm-8mm diameter and it is sold in slices that measure between 2mm-6mm depth.


To make my Murrini, I pull lengths of molten glass from a vitrigraph kiln. Because my Murrini is made using the vitrigraph method, the flower design within the cane changes very slightly as the ‘pull’ progresses. This gives lots of variety to the flower: small petals, large centres, large petals, small centres and many combinations thereof!  

The Murrini you will receive will be from thoughout the ‘pull’ and I try to ensure that all flowers have petals and a centre. I do not include any hollows

I tend to work exclusively with Bullseye glass in my fusing work, so my murrini and vitrigraph is made from this and is therefore CoE90. It's always worth checking availability in my Etsy shop too:

Please note: the pictures are for illustrative purposes and show previous examples of my work. What you receive will therefore vary very very slightly from the one in the picture, but that's because it is lovingly handmade by me and not mass produced in a factory somewhere!

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