Beautiful bright blue forget-me-not glass flower murrini. Perfect for glass artists to use in different fusing projects. 

I try to make these in the range of colours that you commonly see in forget-me-nots: shades of pink, blue and lilac. 

Please be aware that these flowers have yellow accent colour in the centre and you may get some reaction at the edges of the yellow and blue glass when fusing these due to the mix of copper bearing and selenium/sulphur bearing glass. 

The slices you will receive of my murrini are from thoughout the 'pull' so vary in size and design. I try to ensure that all flowers have petals and a centre but the sizes of petal and centre will vary. 

Made from Bullseye glass and pulled from vitrigraph kiln

CoE 90 Bright Blue-Forget-Me-Not (with yellow) Glass Murrini