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Beautiful leaf murrini in fresh green colours. Ideal for glass artists to use in different fusing projects.

The size of my Murrini generally varies from approx 4mm-8mm diameter and it is sold in slices that measure between 2mm-6mm depth.

I exclusively use bullseye glass to make my Murrini and pull the canes of molten glass from a vitrigraph kiln. Because my Murrini is made via vitrigraph, the leaf design within the cane changes very slightly as the ‘pull’ progresses.

The Murrini you will receive will be from thoughout the ‘pull’ and will therefore vary in size and design. I try to ensure that all leaves have some ‘vein’ design. I do not include any hollows.

As with any 'shaped' murrini, they tend to hold their shape better when fired to a temperature at the lower end of the tack firing spectrum. Obviously this temperature will vary from kiln to kiln but as a guide I tend to find around 740°C - 750°C works well for me.

CoE 90 Green Leaves Glass Murrini

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