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Perfect for the garden or in the house/garden room, these glass and steel rings beautifully combine to make a stunning piece of sculptural art.

Truly ‘one-of-a-kind’, these are made using a variety of glass but especially using glass rods that I make myself. These have been twisted whilst molten, to create patterns in the glass. These rods vary in pattern and size each time I make them, so I couldn’t reproduce to an exact design even if I tried! I spent a long time trying to source a local supply of metalwork to display my glass and have finally managed it: a small independent business too!

It is important to note that the steel is not stainless and will therefore patina/rust/colour in the garden - this is particularly what I love about them: letting the elements play their part in creating art in the garden! You could of course treat with wax/oil if you wanted to minimise these effects.

These measure 27cm diameter from the outside of the steel ring and you will need to contact me to discuss requirements.

Medium Red, Orange and Yellow Glass & Steel Garden Ring

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