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Delicate pale aqua butterfly bullseye glass murrini handmade by me! Perfect for glass artists to use in different fusing projects.

The size of this Murrini generally varies from approx 4mm-8mm top-bottom length of wings and it is sold in slices that measure between 2mm-6mm depth.

This listing is for 25g of MooniGooni Murrini slices and is made by myself in my UK studio.

When firing ‘shaped’ Murrini, you may need to reduce your top process temperature in order to retain the shape. As a rough guide, a tack fuse temperature of around 740°C is a good starting point. Obviously all kilns differ very slightly, and it is advisable to carry out test firing in order to ensure the desired effect is achieved.

I exclusively use bullseye glass to make my Murrini and pull the canes of molten glass from a vitrigraph kiln. Because my Murrini is made via vitrigraph, the design within the cane can change very slightly as the ‘pull’ progresses. This can give lots of variety to the murrini!

The Murrini you will receive will be from thoughout the ‘pull’ and I try not to include any hollows.

Pale Aqua Butterfly Murrini, Bullseye Glass

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